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About Me

Hi there. Thank you for stopping by my blog 😀

My name is Desi Eria Rahmatika. I prefer to be called by my nickname ‘she’. That means ‘i am a girl’ 😀

I am a pharmacist. A graduate student majoring in pharmaceutics, and about a year i do part time as a lecturer 😀

I am cheerful, talkactive, and humble.

I really love foods, chocolate, cheese cake, and scarambled eggs. Till in high schools, every morning i had scrambled eggs in my breakfast 🙂

I love my happy family: my mom, my dad, and my little sister. We’re always talk about everything from school life to my love life. I feel blessed to grow up in great family.

I do love movies. Drama, comedy, and action. I love Transformers, Harry Potter, Twilight series, Jumper, Up, Iron Man, and many more.

I like to meet new friends. So, i feel great if u wanna be my friend 😀


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